Digital Hyperrealism

Lola Rath - Thoughts & Speech EP

This is an example of one of my digital hyperrealist paintings--one of my favorite forms of art. This was completed using only digital brushes in Photoshop. I made this for the band I was performing in and wanted something that would look clean and iconic.


Screen printing

Promotional Poster - MIxed Media

I began experimenting with the process and learning various techniques from him. Along with the screen printing process, he used spray paint and aluminum cans to help create different textures--a process used in this poster. At the time, I was heavily influenced by Jacob Bannon's work for Converge and wanted to replicate that look.


drawn + Digital

catalyst elixers - Ammonite shell

My wife, Adrienne, was given a job to redesign a new label for a product and asked me to draw a shell for her client. I made a simple sketch and later added texture digitally. I love the way this turned out and I think it's a great representation of our strengths as graphic designers.