Jake Birkes

Web Admin / Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer
July 2019 ~ Present
Bellingham, WA
  1. Becoming familiar with WompMobile’s customer onboarding and production process
  2. Working with the WompMobile platform to design mobile websites, Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps
  3. Be an active contributor to WompMobile’s blog
  4. Maintaining weekly activity reports, including hours worked, and hours worked per project
  5. Report to the WompMobile Production Managers
PCF Websolutions
Web Admin / Front-end Developer
March 2018 ~ June 2019
Bellingham, WA
  1. Obtained new clients and created web applications for their local businesses
  2. Secured and maintained 130+ websites
  3. Rebuilt existing websites using WordPress, CMSMS, Angular, Material Design, Materialize CSS, and Bootstrap 4
  4. Managed and restructured Web Department process for engineering effective websites and created tutorials to train staff members
Jake Birkes Graphic Design
Freelance Graphic Designer
January 2010 ~ March 2018
Worked Remotely
  1. Provided design services to various artists, businesses, and musicians
  2. Created numerous forms of collateral, including shirts, album art, screen prints, etc.
  3. Managed merchandise for artists and musicians
  4. Self-taught successful marketing strategies
Le Rêve Bakery
February 2017 ~ July 2017
Seattle, WA
  1. Applied knowledge of bean varieties, roasts, and drinks to guide customers to selections
  2. Created a positive environment for both employees and customers
  3. Trained new employees on equipment and drink preparation
Jive Time Records
Graphic Design Intern
September 2015 ~ January 2016
Seattle, WA
  1. Managed Jive Time’s online store, helping to create a cohesive web experience
  2. Updated and analyzed store’s inventory data, adjusting sales as needed
  3. Created original artwork to sell
Barista / Supervisor
March 2011-March 2016
Fayetteville, AR / Seattle, WA
  1. Skilled at remembering names and preferences of individual customers to provide friendly, personalized service
  2. Awarded Partner of the Quarter twice
  3. Recommended for the Coffee Master’s program

  1. WordPress
  2. Bootstrap 4
  3. Angular JS
  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. Javascript
  4. PHP
  5. SQL
Acquainted With:
  1. Adobe Creative Suite CC
  2. DreamHost, Firebase, GoDaddy, DNS
  3. Git / GitHub / SSH
  4. Google Adwords, Search Engine, Analytics, etc.
  5. JQuery , NodeJS , NPM
  6. Microsoft Office 365
  7. Tableau Software

Bellingham Technical College
Computer Networking & Cloud Computing
September 2018 ~ Present (June 2020)
Bellingham, WA

Microsoft Technology Associate
Windows Operating System Fundamentals
Certified 2019, Issued by Microsoft

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