Custom Digital Natal Chart

Custom Digital Natal Chart

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When we were cast into the world, the Universe had a specific intention. Each one of us is uniquely imbued with a set of desires and instructions for us to discover and carry out here on Earth. 

Following the Law of Correspondence, “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul,” the individual is presented with a blueprint of their own consciousness which reveals the gifts they were given along with certain challenges they will encounter. Although the celestial bodies do impel the individual, they do not compel. How one chooses to manifest is entirely up to them.

As you embark on your journey, be sure to take a map with you so you’re never lost.

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DISCLAIMER: This is to only purchase a Digital PDF! if you would like a physical print of your Custom Natal Chart sent to you, please click here.

This Natal Chart was carefully designed for readability with a clean and modern approach. Inspired by the traditional chart, with some major improvements:

+ Each glyph has been studied and redesigned for consistency and can be easily read from a distance.

+ Dotted degrees and markers to indicate where exactly each Celestial Body resides.

+ Angles now have classifications to show the Major Aspects without needing to look to the Aspect Table and are carefully linked with one another.

+ The houses divided are labeled in the background around the central point of the chart with dashed extensions so they do not clash with the angles or celestial bodies, but still can be shown all together in the chart.

+ Zodiacal Constellations are displayed in the background under each Zodiacal Symbol!

+ Unlike most charts out there, this Custom Natal Chart takes into account of your Ascendant by providing the angles in relationship with the other Celestial Bodies!

+ The Aspect Table indicates the types of relationships and shows the reader the exact measurements as well as what sign each fall under.

+ Your Sun’s Zodiac symbol is now at the bottom center of the Aspect Table!



  • Natal Chart (Precisely rotated & divided in alignment with the Ascendant using the Placidus House System)

  • Your Name as well as the Date, Time & Location of Birth

  • Aspect Table

  • Celestial Bodies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron, North Node & South Node

$5 + Asteroids: (Will only be displayed in chart, not in table. Will not have any angles drawn.)

  • Ceres

  • Lilith

  • Pallas

  • Vesta

  • Juno

$5 + Minor Aspects: (Will only be displayed in table, not in chart)

  • Inconjunct

  • Quintile

  • Semi-sextile

  • Semi-square

  • Sesquiquadrate